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Name:   Robin W
Date:   2006-12-06 21:14:39

what else haven't you heard?

well i bought my 2000 eclipse two years ago. it had high milage when i bought it but it ran fine for the first few months i had it. all four motor mounts are shot, my rotors are just the same. the wheel shakes when applying the brakes at any speed and i just changed all rotors and brake pads. when i open the sun roof i have to push the window up just to open it. when i unlock the trunk i have to unlock it from the inside and twice on the outside. i have to hold the trunk open so it don't fall on me. In the morning when i first drive my car it squeels when i turn the wheel, but later in the day it doesn't do it anymore. as of last night my check engine light is on and i don't know what the problem is. It's not idoling right..the rpms shoots up and down when its in park. the paint is chipping and its rusted under neath the paint. the rims are bent so when i go above 75mph the steering wheel shakes....i got those fixed but it still does it. i really don't know wut to do but fix it and sell it....but if i do that then i would probably lose money. i just want to know wut i should do and what i can do to fix it. if you guys have any suggestions just email me. i would really appreciate it. thanx
Name:   Lisa Kuzma
Date:   2006-12-05 12:11:17

leaky sunroof 2006

I also have a 2006 that had such a bad leak it was coming out the side airbags. I want them to take the car back. this was after a really heavy rain, but obviously it was probably leaking all along. The water dripped into the gear shift and the cd player and I'm worried about all the damage done to electrical components. They say I have to have 4 things wrong to be a lemon and buy it back. That's crazy! They fixed the roof, but they can't fix the fact that my new $28,000 car had water running all through it!
Name:   terri b
Date:   2006-12-05 10:58:31

poor decision/ bad purchase

I Miata was totalled in a car accident (not my fault!) and I bought this car as the replacement. I thought I got a good deal on it, now I know why! Nothing but headaches! I know, it's used, and they say you 'never know what you get'... VERY true... I've owned the car for 2 month, the clutch went out today, last week I had the power antenna fixed... found out one rim is bent, all the belts started squealing(replaced all 3), the wiring in the sunvisor apparently shorted - didn't know, so I had to have someone research why I lost all my interior lights! I've invested approximately $700 into the car in 2 months... not sure what this clutch is gonna cost me... but I sure wish I never bought the car in the first place! I wish I would've read this website BEFORE driving to Virginia to buy the car! and yes, with the weather turning cold, it's making lots of noise! and with the miles I've put on it, the mechanic says that the new 'motor noise' I hear is actually "common" for the Eclipse! Why didn't someone WARN me!?!?!
Name:   BMcCabe
Date:   2006-12-04 17:30:56

2002 Eclipse Spyder GT

Several issues since purchasing this vehicle just over a year ago.
1- so many rattles and squeaks--though it is a convertible considering the orginal price one would think the fit and finish would be much better
2- the rubber seals on the convertible top leak into the passenger compartment right where the front and rear windows meet (fortunately-after complaining about this to the dealership for the past year they are finally going to replace all of the rubber seals--we'll see if that does the trick--the seatbelts get soaked--anyone else experience this problem?
3- the brakes&rotors have been replaced yet there is a continual rotational noise like the brakes continue to scrape
4- heat issues in cold weather--thermostat was replaced once soon after purchasing--did not work--though the engine is hot the heat is not getting into the car--the fan is on and blows but the air is cool--anyone have any idea what that is all about?
Name:   Jason
Date:   2006-12-04 14:14:46

Discolored painting

I have 2003 Eclipse (new), Black, 41000 miles.
First I could see fading paint 6 months ago and now it has serious problem on roof and hood like as yours.
I haven't take waxing and car is usually parked in covered garage.
Here is California and I could see a car which has same problem around me.
I suspected this is mitsubishi's fault and required the service. I'm waiting their respose.
Name:   Andrew
Date:   2006-12-01 23:45:37


I have had my 2001 mitsubishi eclispe spyder that is black and about a year ago the clearcoat started to fail... just put a new transmission in a little over a year ago... now the master cylinder is going out... dashboard is crap! and my engine has a knocking in it ( always change the oil 3k miles) what a big piece of crap... puts japanese cars to shame... getting an acura for christmas
Name:   Cameron Close
Date:   2006-11-30 10:00:07

Paint Job

Now when you buy a new car, and you already have an old car. You would think the old paint would go bad before then new on. But NOT in this case. i had a 1996 dodge caravan and a 2003 eclipse gts spyder, and not even a blemish on my can,
1 paint - while the entire hood, trunk, spoiler, side panels, and even the sides of my windshield were oxidizing.
2 Also my driver side headlight is way dimmer then the passenger.
3 cluch 1st gear, and secon gear sound like a mean grind when the engine is cold, even 3rd some times.
4 The brakes vibrate when braking at high speeds, and there is a squeaking at noise while on the freeway at high speeds.

I have taken care of my paintjob, through the dealership, but they said i only had one place i could go. That was way down past modesto, and i live in the bay area. so i dropped my car off and the quote was for 4,000+ the deal with mitsubish was that i hade to pay 25% for a faulty paintjob, even while it was under extensive waranty. I will NEVER buy another mitsubishi again
Name:   matt fisher
Date:   2006-11-29 16:14:43


My 2000 GT is an awesome car, however the paint sucks. I have been experiencing the same problems as EVERYONE else with the fading. The outside of the car looks like hell. It's embarassing. Can't something be done?
Name:   robin scribner
Date:   2006-11-29 14:48:54

unsatified customer

1. Warp front brake rotors (car is new)
2. Broken rear hatch shelf
3. Corroding rocker panel decor plate
4. Rear hatch got loose and starter to vibrate and rattle
5. Interior rattles and squeaks when weather is cold
6. Definite signs of rust development in engine bay area coming from inside the spot welds around strut towers and other body parts
7. Bent rim without any signs of tire, or rim edge damage

I bought my Eclipse brand new in 2001 shortly after the problems above started accruing. The Paint being the worst. Itís now on just about 70% of the car. Ive spoke to several people at the dealership. (More than one dealership) Nothing has been done. I took very good care of my car. Itís obviously really common. Just about every Black Eclipse ive seen on the road has this problem with their paint. Something needs to be done. Nov 27, 2006 7 on your side had piece on Black eclipseís with this problem. Maybe if will all keep complaining something will eventually be done. This is ridiculous. Living on our own, working and going to school a paint job is the last thing I can afford at this time. Not to mention the car was not even three years old when this problem started. Also when you spend damn near 30,000 on a car you donít pay for this to happen. Why does Mitsubishi not want their customers satisfied is a question id like to get answered? Itís the clear coat or paint they used not the drivers.

Unhappy Eclipse owner,
Robin Scribner
Name:   april
Date:   2006-11-29 12:33:26

I have a 2000 black eclipse GT. I too have had numberous problems with the headlights. Also the paint job is horrible. I thought that it was from living in Florida, but now i realize that it is from the crappy paint job. but the car has really done me no wrong. it has over 120,000, and i have had no major engine work. knock on wood. so other than the headlight and paint job, mitsubishi did not do to bad with my car.
Name:   Tim
Date:   2006-11-28 20:24:01

eclipse paint problems

I have a 2001 eclipse GT. Black paint, and it is also fading on roof and hood. I also am having problem with driver side headlight shorting.

Name:   robin scribner
Date:   2006-11-28 19:41:26

my 2001 eclipse

I purchased my 2001 Mitsubishi in 2001 about three years ago it started
with just on spot fading.. living on my own and going to school and
working i could not afford to get a new paint job. Now its on about 70% of
the car. Everytime I see a black 2001 eclipse the paint is faded.
Obviously this is a big problem not just one or two bad paint jobs. Ive
taken my car into the shop all ive been told is that there is nothing they
can do about. It makes me very anger that they do not want there
customers to be satified. Expesically when its there fault. Please let me know of the
progress on this matter. I love my car but id love for it to look good
at the same time. Ive also heard Mitsubishi blame it on the fax being
used. There just looking for excuses. I took every good care of my car.
Please responsed.
Robin Scribner
Name:   Nathalie
Date:   2006-11-28 10:43:14

I hate my 2000 Eclipse GS .... Too Many Problems

Letís see I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS... I have the same sunroof problem that all other owners seem to have, the lock on glove compartment pulls out after locking, I have also had both headlight connectors replaced because I found out (after buying numerous bulbs) the factory connectors had melted, my dash is completely cracked in 15 or 16 different places, My trunk will not open unless I turn the key to unlock it twice, My passenger side window will not go down or up (as of a week ago), My transmission started slipping a year after I purchased my car and at that time Mitsubishi said there was nothing wrong with it - well it's starting to get stuck in 3rd gear now !!! There is so much more, but It makes me so sad and angry that I purchased this car BRAND NEW and by now with all the money I have put into it I could of bought 2 of them !!!! Please don't ever buy a Mitsubishi Eclipse....
Name:   karen
Date:   2006-11-27 15:47:00

2003 black eclipse paint

I own a 03 black Mitsubishi, which we are having the same problems as everyone else has posted. The roof rusted so badly my husband had to sand it down & paint it himself. The hood is totally defective as the whole car know. I will not deal w/Mitsubishi due to other problems I have had in the past with them, so I sent my husband to deal with the problem. They told him first they couldn't help him because we don't take our vehicle to them for oil changes. That is when they told my husband if we paid them $1200 for a 60K inspection they would pay for a new paint job. Funny thing about everything is at that time we only had 34-35k miles on the vehicle. This will be our LAST shitsubishi vehicle.
Name:   Karen
Date:   2006-11-25 13:22:59

Defective paint/ cracked dashboard

My story is almost identicle to the one below me. I too have a 2001 black mitsubishi eclipse. I took it to the dealer and they told me that I was not taking care of the car!!! I went to a local paint shop and they said it would be about $500. My dashboard has also started to crack (3 places now). Please let me know if you find out any information on correcting this problem.
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