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Name:   Jason
Date:   2006-06-26 19:56:27

Should I buy this new Eclipse GT 2007.

Hello everyone. I am going to be a senior in high school, so i am going to by a car. I think i am going to buy this new Eclipse 2007 GT in this summer. Before i buy this, i did some research on this new model, but i couldn't really find any. But the engine of new eclise GT is better than civic, camry, rsx and other normal cars. But not the eclipse GS. they have different engines. the engine of GS 2007 really sucks. Do u guys think that it's okay to buy this new Eclipse GT 2007? give me any suggestions plz. But i want the honest resoponses.
Name:   Sheila Gomez
Date:   2006-06-26 09:49:14


I have a 2001 Eclipse (RS). I got the car brand new in 2001. I have had problems with the paint job and the steering wheel shacking at 60mph. At the end of last year I noticed that the paint on the roof of the car was chipping off. Now the hood has white spots as well as the roof. If anyone knows of a recall on paint please let me know. I'm not that knowledgeable about how long car paint it suppose to last but from what I have read on the net I'm not the only one with this problem.
Name:   BEE Ramanand
Date:   2006-06-24 20:35:44

MY car has Cancer

Clearcoat turning white stated at top and growing like cancer, i drive a blk 2003 eclipse that i love, but it looks really bad, W.T.F> what should i do?
Name:   Jennerator
Date:   2006-06-21 14:55:18

what the heck is up with my Mits's paint?

Hello everyone. Please, please, please give an update regarding any solutions to the peeling paint problem on the Mitsubishi Eclipse. I have a black '01 GS that started to peel around the sunroof and now the problem has accelerated to include the entire roof. Is it the clear coat that is peeling off? Or do I need to get the car repainted a color other than black? I had a white 1995 Eclipse that never had this problem. Any advice would be appreciated. With all its problems, I have to say I still love my Mitsy!
Name:   Chris Garrett
Date:   2006-06-21 12:00:32

Same story - brakes, rims, paint

After reading through all these postings I feel like I got lucky! My black 2001 Eclipse GT hasn't been horrible (relative to others), but I did want to add to the list to help bolster anyone's complaints. My problems:

1. Black paint disappearing off the car
2. Rotors and brakes having to be replaced
3. Rims soft as butter
4. AC compressor developed a hole at 60K

My two cents... don't replace the rims or rotors with Mitsu parts. There was actually a class action suit on the rims, but the time has passed to respond. I'm headed out to the dealer now about the paint.. wish me luck. Thanks for the site!
Name:   Amanda
Date:   2006-06-20 16:18:40

01 Black PAINT

I also have the evil paint problem that others have written about. It looks horrible and I am very unhappy about it. Please email me if anyone gets any results.
Name:   Gretchen
Date:   2006-06-20 11:18:30

I bought a 2000 eclipse GT from a dealership in town. I was so amazed on how wonderful a condition it was in. It was 2005 and the car only had 40,000 miles on it. Well that soon faded....the clear coat is coming off like a there is no tomorrow, which looks crappy on black.....the window will not roll up right on the passenger side.....and now my car has decided to take on water and for the life of me I can't figure out where!!!! I loved the car and the body style....until I owned one.

Then to top it off when I went to purchase a new one before I got this one....the sales guy lied to me, then I got a letter in the mail that they were gauging prices for quotes that were not true....

I need a new car!!!!!
Name:   Denise
Date:   2006-06-20 00:22:33

My 2001 Black Galant :(

I bought the car brand new off the lot in Aug of 2000 since my 1989 (black) Toyota 4X4 had seen better days. It's 2006... I am still driving my 1989 Toyota 4X4 with rusty, but otherwise great, paint. My 2 vehicles are both outside in the elements all day. My Galant has the same crappy crackling paint that every other back Mits seems to have. I took it to a local body shop and he said to start looking for recalls on paint...so here I am. That's it...Now after reading all these complaints..I'm crabby!!
Name:   Brittany
Date:   2006-06-19 23:42:03

2001 Eclipse GS

I bought my 2001 Eclipse used from a local Sam Swope dealership this year. One owner, low miles, 100,000 mile warranty, decent price... I thought I was getting a good deal. I owned a Dodge Intrepid (which was known for oil leaks, but was otherwise a great car) and I was so excited to trade it in for the very stylish and sporty Eclipse. I wish I had found this site before wasting my money. I'd take my Intrepid back in a heartbeat.

Known problems with the car, before and after purchase:

- paint erosion had to be buffed out on front and top of car

- will not smoothly switch gears when in manual mode (it's a manual/automatic)

- sunroof sticks and rattles when opening, however, closes smoothly

- acceleration when moving is great, but car has difficulty with take off, slow or fast, from a complete stop

- sway bars replaced (dealership couldn't say why)

- battery erosion

- headlight lenses need to be replaced

- issues with rear defrost

- car is very easily dinged and dented, even when delicately cared for

- hatch is difficult to open

Most of my problems so far are minor, but I haven't had the car for very long. I love the body of the car... it's too cute, but I should have listened to my friend when he told me, "there's nothing but crap under that shell" in reference to liking the Eclipses.

After reading through the pages of this very informative website, I am now dreading the future problems I have instore with this car. I'm kind of expecting the worst after seeing everyone with the same issues. I haven't even paid the car off yet and I'm already wanting to get rid of it.
Name:   Jessica
Date:   2006-06-19 19:37:37

2001 eclipse

Here are my problems with my black 2001 Eclipse that I bought brand new:
1. White spot on the roof in front about 3 inches round
2. A/C stopped working
3. Radio only picks up a signal from my mp3 player in the car (if anyone has a solution for this please let me know!!!!)
4. 3rd set of rims (I do live in Michigan though!)
5. Vibration when stopping from the beginning
6. Sunroof needs to be pried open
7. Trunk usually only opens with the key and lifting with the other hand
8. Passenger headlight burned out 5 times (the dealer did replace the wiring-Moran Mitsubishi in Southfield-which fixed the problem)

However, I do have 168k and no engine problems so far (knock on wood!) I have only used Mobil 1. Its expensive, but at least I haven't a problem. As far as the paint goes, I read that people with the biggest white spots say they waxed the car a lot. I have only waxed my car about 3 times.
Name:   Nichole
Date:   2006-06-18 16:19:43

2004 Syder GT

Ok, I am back again... big surprise.

My new issue (and I am hoping someone has an answer):

When my car is started after it has been sitting over night, it idles very rough like the car is out of gas and then stalls out occasionally. This has been happening on an almost daily occurance. I brought it in for service and they cleaned the throddle sensor and changed my air filter, but the problem is still persisting.... Any ideas????
Name:   aaron
Date:   2006-06-12 17:06:27


I have a 2000 Eclipse GT and have started having what I would call a creaking sound that seems to be coming from somewhere around the front drivers side tire. Every time I start or stop it creaks. I thought it was the struts or shocks. But it does not do this if you push on the car or when I go over bumps. It is just when I start or stop. Please help.
Name:   TK
Date:   2006-06-12 14:21:56

2007 Spyder Conv. Top Problem

About 1 1/2 months ago, I purchased a 2007 Eclipse Spyder. I had to bring it in today because the console where the date/time is on the dashboard is rattling and my convertable top wouldn't close all the way on the back left. The dealership told me they couldn't hear the rattling and that the top got bent somehow. What?! Has anyone had a problem with the top bending on its own?!? Or how about the rattling?
Name:   Brian Kaplan
Date:   2006-06-12 07:09:00

Shiclipse 2002 GT

I submitted a message before about how I thought the Eclipse was a great used car (never got posted). I am taking that all back. It sucks. This weekend, the A/c broke, sunroof started to stick, and I am noticing rust everywhere. Plus, it surges in the morning. I have the feeling that this is just the beginning. I should have bought that Mustang after all. Good luck to you all.
Name:   David Hansen
Date:   2006-06-11 12:03:44


I have a 2001 eclipse spyder with a 2.4 liter engine. I like the car and everything appears to be okay except every once in a while (it's starting to be more often) When I am stopped it feels like the car has come out of gear(auto trans)the rpms go up and then it slams back into gear with a loud bang. Sometimes it happens when I am driving but mostly while stopped at a red light or stop sign. I had the trans checked and they could not find anything wrong with it nor could they get it to do it. Has anyone experienced this?
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