I own 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT since September 25, 2000 and decided to share my owner’s experience and these automobile related thoughts with the others. Main purpose of this site is to reveal what I believe are major mechanical and safety problems with Mitsubishi Eclipse and by doing so hopefully make manufacturer improve the product and its service

This site by no means has any relation to Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America, or any other Mitsubishi branch.

Even though I am not a professional car mechanic and do not carry any ASE certifications I do have 3 year experience of working in a car repair shop on the top of my everyday “do it myself” expertise. All technical statements made here are approved by ASE certified automotive professionals.

Rough shifting is the most common and uncomfortable problem with 2000+ Eclipse GT. There are different opinions on why Eclipse shifts roughly cold and sometimes fully warmed up, I heard some owners attribute it to bad throw out bearing, some say it is transmission flaw, but I think it is bad clutch quality / design. I drove one 2000 Eclipse which had smooth shifting into second gear, so I assume that most of GT clutches are simply faulty, but there are few owners that got lucky. To my opinion GT clutches must be recalled, but this is very unlikely that MMSA is going to spend an extra buck to satisfy people that already gave them the money. To be honest owning Eclipse does feel like someone grabbed my wallet in the dark alley and ran, but let's get back to the topic

To improve shifting and stop slow destruction of your synchronizers every time transmission "barks" and "jerks" when shifted out of the first gear into second you can increase clutch pedal travel. If connecting rod between the clutch pedal and clutch master cylinder adjusted to be longer your clutch will disengage better and therefore shifting is bound to be smoother (almost like on a normal new cars). Please see the following image, this is exactly what your clutch pedal is like from the underneath.

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